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Positions Swatch now available for download

Getting off the bed

The Campaign for Normal Birth and Pampers 'Getting off the bed' positions swatch is now available to download. This resource provides 21 images illustrating some of the different positions that are known to be helpful during labour and birth.


One of the ten top tips for midwives normalising birth is: Get her off the bed.


Gravity is our greatest aid in giving birth, but for historical and cultural reasons (now obsolete) in this society we make women give birth on their backs. We need to help women understand and practice alternative positions antenatally, feel free to be mobile and try different positions during labour and birth.


You will shortly be able to order a hard copy of this valuable resource. Please contact lucy.lewis@rcm.org.uk to place your order.



Position 2
Postion 3
Position 4
Position 5
Postion 6