Achieving normal births for majority of women and normalising the process of birth for all women regardless of the type of labour and birth they will experience is our focus.  Getting the best care during pregnancy, labour, childbirth and the postnatal period can be linked to short and long term health and social benefits to mothers, children, families and communities. We are continuing the Campaign for Normal Births as part of the RCM Better Births Initiative.


Why normal births and normalisation of the process is so important

“Most women, in every country across the world, would prefer to give birth as physiologically as possible. For most women and babies, this is also the safest way to give birth, and to be born, wherever the birth setting. If routine interventions are eliminated for healthy women and babies, resources will be freed up for the extra staff, treatments and interventions that are needed when a laboring woman and her baby actually need help. This will ensure optimal outcomes for all women and babies, and sustainable maternity care provision overall.” (Professor Soo Downe, Professor in Midwifery Studies, 2014)


Infographic: Measuring progress in the UK

Are we achieving normal births?

Infographic: A policy of maximising normality